Changing behaviour to reduce the risk for sun burn and related skin cancer.


88% of people know sun exposure damages the skin, especially when people get sunburn. However, only 27% of people wear facial sun protection. To bridge the gap between people’s knowledge that they should protect their skin, and actually do it L’Oréal created My UV Patch. It monitors UV levels and educated people on how best to take care of their skin. Personalising the information to the particular individual, from location to age, skin colour and weather data.


The patch is an ultra-thin adhesive containing photosensitive dyes which is linked to a smart algorithm factoring in the user’s personal data (photo-type, skin type, eye and hair colour), location and weather data. The app then generates essential information regarding the amount of daily sun exposure and sun safe behaviour tips. My UV Patch is the first wearable of its kind: it can be worn for up to three days even while swimming, showering and playing sports… and takes into account the application of sunscreen.


When using My UV Patch:

  • 31% tried to stay in the shade more,
  • 37% used more facial sunscreen,
  • 63% experienced less sunburn.

“A year only after its launch, My UV Patch, has effectively proven how cutting edge science and technology have the potential to change consumers’ behaviour towards sun exposure, and to contribute to our long-term commitment to fight skin cancer”.
Laetitia Toupet, Global Director of La Roche-Posay

  • Sector:
    Health & Well-being
  • Client:
  • Created by:
    La Roche-Posay
  • Behaviour techniques:
    Intervention, Education, Positive reinforcement