Behaviour Focused Design is a science-backed approach to problem-solving. It’s a process that starts by looking at people’s behaviour. Breaking down what influences our behaviour, how we actually act, and why we act.

Behaviour Focused Design applies provable behavioural insights at each problem-solving phase. The 5 phases take a challenge from research to a solution. Redefining challenges to focus on behaviour. Using motivation and decision science to discover what people are doing, what they are motivated to do and what influences their current behaviour. Creating a motivation-directed profile which determines which type of behaviour focused design to invest in. From Habit Design, Persuasive Design, Preventative Design and Intervention Design. Behaviour Focused Design pinpoints when people are already motivated to act and designs for these moments. Building ethics into the approach’s foundations. In the design phase, you identify opportunities to change key decisions, improve people’s behaviour, prototype and test solutions.  

Behaviour Focused Design is people-led, evidence-led and ethics-led.